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Hey there!

I’m Matt Krumins and my goal in life is to make your photography truly shine.

For the past ten years I haven’t gone far without a camera in my hands. It’s taken me across the globe, setting up in Thailand teaching Underwater Photography, traversing across Asia on corporate assignments, capturing some of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever witnessed, photographing Olympic athletes, as well as getting me out into the Australian countryside camping with my wife Laura and fur-baby Pippa-dog.

There is nothing more rewarding to me than bringing my wild imagination to life through images, capturing experiences most people only dream of ever seeing; that is why I do what I do. In addition to my wide range of photography courses I write for a number of online and printed publications and whilst I take my photography seriously I always maintain that fun comes first. My workshops, tutorials and journalism aim to simplify the complicated and make inspiring photography accessible to anyone who wants to pursue it, turning ordinary pictures into extraordinary photographs.

I live, breath and see the world through my camera, so whether you’re jumping on one of my exclusive workshops, looking for a someone to capture images for your business or special day, or simply here to make the most of my Free Tuesday Tutorials I’d like to say welcome, you’ve found the right place!

Thanks for visiting, Matt

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Matt is a really nice fellow and a passionate instructor. He knows his subject exceptionally well and delivered content appropriate to my level of experience. I cannot recommend him highly enough.Simon M Oct 2016

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“One of the most consistent questions I am asked on my Street & Travel Photography Workshop is “how do you photograph people in public? Like, is it legal?” and I find myself consistency reciting the same line “to me it’s not about being legal or illegal, it’s about being ethical”.”


Latest Travel Story


“A male African Elephant stands just 2 feet in front of us, double our height. It has us frozen on the spot, not with fear but with awe…”