$499 | max 8ppl | SAT 2pm- SUN 12:00pm

Astro-photography is as much about technical settings as it is timing and beautiful locations and on this workshop we have it all. Our overnight workshop is held in Cohuna in northern Victoria where there is very little light pollution as well as affording us exclusive-access locations with tractors, old dilapidated trucks and other farm equipment to enhance our photos. The workshop is broken into three phases:
1. Location scouting & theory
2. Photographing the stars & light painting
3. Image processing workshop on Sunday morning

Whilst there is a lot of technical concepts in this workshop we have filled it with stories and relatable analogies to break down big challenges into bite-sized pieces to help you truly understand what is happening in front of your lens. With a small group of just 8 people and 2 instructors, there is plenty of one-on-one time to help cater to your personal experience level.

As a bonus to this workshop, we will be using a range of light painting equipment including Dennis Smith’s (Ball of Light) professional grade light painting kit!

Our itinerary:
(Shooting times may vary depending on date booked. Final details will be emailed out 1 week prior to workshop)
Day 1 02:00pm – Meet in Cohuna (location TBA)
Day 1 02:30pm – Daytime scouting of night locaitons (we have exclusive access to some amazing places!)
Day 1 05:30pm – Dinner in Cohuna with theory briefing (meals and drinks not included)
Day 1 ~08:00pm – Astro photography workshop in the field (3 locations)
Day 1 ~12:00am – Conclude Shooting

Day 2 09:00am – Breakfast & debrief (meals and drinks not included)
Day 2 10:00am – Lightroom Astro Editing Workshop
Day 2 01:00pm – Workshop concludes

Hear what other people are saying about my teaching style and workshops: 70+ reasons to book

Capture the Milk Way in the new moon!

Get an insight into all of the tips and tricks to make those stars shine!

No secrets here!

Keep your secrets closely guarded they say? I say share EVERYTHING!

Understand the settings

Step by step guidance through your manual settings AND master the 'why' behind each!

Simplified approach

Not comfortable with settings? Don't sweat it! My simple analogies will have you there in no time!

2 days covering the shooting & editing!

Don't stop at taking the photos, learn the tricks for editing astro photos in Lightroom!

From start to finish

Capturing the image is only half the battle, get the secrets for editing astro shots!

Workshop Location

This workshop is held near Cohuna in northern Victoria for it’s wonderfully clear skies! Accommodation & meals are not included in the workshop.


Your Astro photography workshop has a limit of just 8 people giving you plenty of one-on-one instruction from Matt Krumins as well as astro specialist Shayne Mostyn. The workshop itinerary is below and in addition, at the conclusion of your workshop you will be invited to an exclusive online support group where you can continue to grow your photography alongside other workshop participants!

Sat 02:00pm – Meet in Cohuna (location TBA)
Sat 02:30pm – Daytime scouting of night locaitons (we have exclusive access to some amazing places!)
Sat 05:30pm – Dinner in Cohuna with theory briefing (meals and drinks not included)
Sat 08:00pm – Astro photography workshop in the field (3 locations)
Sat 12:00am – Conclude Shooting

Sun 09:00am – Breakfast & debrief (meals and drinks not included)
Sun 10:00am – Lightroom Astro Editing Workshop
Sun 01:00pm – Workshop concludes

NOT INCLUDED: Accommodation, transport around locations, meals, drinks

As the weekend approaches, we will be watching the weather and making a judgment call as to whether we proceed. Cohuna typically receives very little rainfall year-round. Should we need to postpone the workshop you will be given the option of rescheduling or receiving a full refund.
In photography we never stop learning, so whether you are an enthusiast photographer or a complete beginner, the small course size will give you plenty of one-on-one attention to ensure new ideas and concepts can be tailored to your experience level.
This is a specialised photography workshop and therefore there is some pre-requisite equipment needed. If you do not have any of the below items please email me on info@mattkruminsphotography and I will endeavor to source a loan for you.

1. Camera with interchangeable lenses & manual settings
2. Sturdy tripod
3. Wide angle lens (not necessary however very useful)
4. Remote shutter release (not necessary however very useful)
5. Laptop with Lightroom (other software will be appropriate as well however please check)
6. Warm clothing as the clear nights can be very cold
7. Accomodation in Cohuna is not included


Astro & Light Painting Workshop


Please see itinerary and details on the workshop page. I will be in contact with within a week of your booking to chat about further details and a finalised itinerary with set timing will be emailed out one week prior to the workshop. Please do not hesitate to call me on 0402 812 805 if you have any questions.


Cancellations within 14 day of workshop are non-refundable



70+ Reasons to book

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Mark Spencer
Mark Spencer
This was my first time on a workshop with Matt and I was blown away, his teaching methods and analogies on the technical parts is incredibly easy to follow and remember. This was with no doubt the best workshop I have ever been on, it is not even comparable to any other workshops I have done with other photographers. Matt makes you feel so much at ease and creates fun. Even in the group environment, we still had one on one assistance and never felt rushed as I have experienced with other photographer's workshops. If you are trying to decide on which photographer to do a course with, look no further than a workshop with Matt Krumins. Truly the best!! I have given this review 5 stars, however it should be showing all of the stars in the Milky Way it is that good!!!
Siham Plop
Siham Plop
I did the Melbourne Zoo workshop and it was really good. Matt is really passionate and provide individual attention to all the participants. I really enjoyed this class and highly recommend it! I learned a lot about composition and a different way of taking pictures. It's a really fun way to learn and practice photography.
Cristian Biotto
Cristian Biotto
Enjoyed the afternoon around Melbourne with Matt. Learned a lot of different techniques and simple tricks to make an average photo a great one. Matt follows each of the participants with enthusiasm and give focused advice. It was also incredible to notice details in the streets which are usually lost in a day-to-day commute. Highly suggested experience!
Peter Lilley
Peter Lilley
I had excellent afternoon working through the options I had long ignored on my camera. All those buttons and knobs do have a purpose, who would have known ? Melbourne's inclement weather tried to cruel the day with persistent, and at times torrential rain, but it instead threw up some interesting and unique photo opportunities. Thanks Matt for a very informative session, many great tips this novice can now easily apply!
Sally Bell
Sally Bell
Did Matt's seascapes workshop followed by the lightroom course. Both were well structured and practical and I felt I had acquired new skills by the end. Matt was friendly and approachable and didn't laugh at any of our dumb questions! He even stopped on the way back from the workshop and bought rice to put my camera in after it got a little wet!
Russell Bell
Russell Bell
I attended Matt's beginners Lightroom class last night and found it extremely helpful. I came out with some new skills as well as confirmed what i had learnt before hand. I started taking photos a few months back while off with my second back operation. The small class size was great for getting a little extra help as well making it nice environment to learn. I plan on getting involved with the location photography workshops when the timing is right. Matt made the steps simple and post processing an easier task.
Donna Fisher
Donna Fisher
Loved Matt's Seascapes Workshop - he made it easy to understand, a laugh along the way - especially as it was wet and cold. Now I have to spend some � as I love what the filters can do. Thanks Matt!
Arthur Sliwinski
Arthur Sliwinski
Great session, learned heaps and Matt was very accommodating and ready to answer questions. It was also good to get pushed and challenged in the composition of our shots, thanks Matt!
Chris Barnes
Chris Barnes
Had a brilliant and informative time with Matt. He really helped my photography skills by showing me some great tips and tricks.
Sarah Serong
Sarah Serong
Matt is lovely - he gives some tips and explanation, then lets you actually have the time to try and explore what you want to achieve when it comes to your photos. I really appreciate that he was so flexible in allowing me to alter the booking date - most companies would not be so great about it. I really loved that the tips were easy to digest and apply, and that no question was too silly. Thanks for such a great workshop!
Grant Partridge
Grant Partridge
I went on Matt's Street and Travel Workshop and thoroughly enjoyed it .Learned a lot of tips and techniques. Looking forward to doing another workshop with Matt.
John Verga
John Verga
I bought my first camera at the age of 16, now at nearly 60 years of age I am still loving photography. Unfortunately the last 30 years I have been tied up with work but I am now starting to resurrect my passion for photography. I recently purchased a Nikon D7200 which I love but unfortunately nothing has changed, the manuals leave a lot to be desired and so I've done several workshops to try and learn about my camera. This included a Nikon School workshop and a Ted's Camera Workshop among others. Quite by accident I stumbled across Matt's website. I started reading some of the tutorials which are written in an excellent lay back manner in a language that is easily understood. Looking through Matt's various workshops I decided to try the Seascapes Workshop and WOW WHAT A DAY!!!! Matt has a gift for teaching........ like his tutorials he relays information in a simple uncomplicated way. I learnt more about photography and more importantly my camera with Matt yesterday than I did with all the other stuff that I've done, and to boot I came away with a couple of shots that I was ecstatic with. There was myself and only two other people in the group which gave Matt plenty of time to spend with each of us.I was keen to do this workshop as we would be using filters and Matt supplied Lee filters for us to use and I've now decided to replace my Hoya filters with one of these systems. I look forward to doing lots more workshops with Matt particularly the Astro Workshop in Cohuna, and once again Matt thank you so much for such a fantastic day! Looking forward to the next one!
Terri Allen
Terri Allen
Another very enjoyable course with Matt on Lightroom 101. I had previously done Matt's underwater workshop. His easy going style, backed up with the step by step videos makes this an excellent value course to take. Oh and the red wine helps as well....
Amanda Stuart
Amanda Stuart
I did Matt's Seascape workshop and thoroughly enjoyed the day. Matt is very engaging and passionate about teaching photography, and as the day involved driving from Melbourne to Point Lonsdale we had plenty of time to talk about loads of photography issues. As there were only three of us, Matt was able to give everyone attention whenever they needed it. We all learnt new ways of seeing. Personally it was a first for me shooting (intentionally) in black and white and I'm now totally obsessed. The filters were a steep learning curve but a great start. And thanks very much for putting me on the Queenscliff ferry Matt - such a nice way to end a great day.
Paul White
Paul White
My Son sent me a voucher for the Travel workshop from his workplace in the UK and I wondered why? I had to travel from Canberra to Melbourne and stay a couple of nights to do the workshop! But since I was an "Auto" photographer I learned so much about what I could do to improve my photographs, especially low light photography, that I thought my Son had made a very good decision to buy the voucher. Now to the Aurora Borealis, it will never look so good, I hope.
Carly Howe
Carly Howe
I did the Melbourne Zoo workshop, and Matt I had learned so much thank-you. Even my partner was walking around with us had learnt a few things as well, would definitely do another workshop thank you
Ben Tyson
Ben Tyson
We had the travel workshop with Matt yesterday and it was brilliant. He knows what he's taking about and explains things in terms it's easy to understand. His method of teaching is engaging and passionate and we learnt great tips and techniques. Highly recommend and will be joining another of his courses in future! Thanks again Matt
Joanne O'Neill
Joanne O'Neill
I attended yesterdays street photography workshop - this is the 4th workshop of Matt's I have attended. Matt has great skill in simplifying information for beginners. I have a long list of workshops I want to attend - thanks Matt for keeping me on track in my photographic journey.
Simone Camilleri
Simone Camilleri
Went on the Melbourne Zoo photogrpahy workshop today and loved it. Not only did i meet some amazing people but Matt simplified photography and made it so much easier to understand. So happy with thr workshop and will be booking many more in the future. Thank you so much
Michelle Coyle
Michelle Coyle
I took Matt's Lightroom Class last night. The class ran for 3 hours and i learnt so much. Matt is incredibly patient, which is so important when you're just a beginner. Having said that several people in the class had done previous classes with Matt and were there to learn more or just to refresh skills learnt prior. I can't wait to start practising and sharing some of my images for feedback, which was encouraged on the night. Great to enjoy an evening with other peeps with the "Shutter Bug" Thanks Matt, I will look forward to more workshops with you.
Justin Wallis
Justin Wallis
I bought the Melbourne Zoo class as a birthday present for my partner, she said it was the best gift she ever received! Matt was so knowledgeable and patient with us all, and the small group was enthusiastic and motivated to learn and improve their photos. The location was obviously perfect, as it offered numerous subjects to hone our skills on, plus who doesn't want to see 3 teenage lions fooling around! Thanks very much Matt for the superb lesson. Cheers, Justin and Michelle
Emma Whitehead
Emma Whitehead
OK, I have to be honest I didn't know how to use my camera, ok so I knew how to turn it on... but that was probably it. From the get go Matt made it super easy and used lingo that I understood, and best of all he made it Fun! Learning is fun, and learning something new is always hard at the beginning. Photography takes time to master and I look forward to learning more tricks of the trade in future MK workshops. Thank you for helping me to capture photos to tell my story.
Meg Pyke
Meg Pyke
Matt has excellent knowledge and shared it with passion and enthusiasm. He has some great analogies which helped explain some of the complicated processes. We managed to take some awesome shots and I'm looking forward to building my confidence with my photography. Thanks Matt
Nick Martin
Nick Martin
I recently attended Matt's "Melbourne by Night" workshop. It was a great small group workshop and Matt took the time to get to know each of our skill levels and catered the workshop accordingly. We learned and practiced different techniques within close proximity to Flinders Street Station. Matt was patient, friendly and able to explain the concepts and techniques in a way that was easy to understand and apply. He has also established a set of resources so you can continue to develop your skills after the course is complete. Matt has reinvigorated my interest in taking great photos and I will definitely be back for more. Thanks Matt!
Helen Marriott
Helen Marriott
I have taken Matt's zoo as well as the travel and street photography workshop and thoroughly enjoyed both. The latter course was yesterday so I will focus on that one here. Being limited to just six participants means that Matt can provide individual attention to each member and challenge us according to our level. With an emphasis on composition throughout the three hours yesterday, he provided us with lots of different pieces of advice for getting interesting compositions as well as a variety of settings for the practice of these. Although he suggests in advance that we take a notebook and pen to his workshops, I never have time to use mine but do make sure to write up some notes upon return home. I liked the small cards he handed out yesterday summarizing main guidelines to capture blurry backgrounds and capture motion, which were main emphases of yesterday's workshop. I am very impressed with his highly professional organization and the variety of support he offers to his students, including a closed supportive Facebook page for past participants. Yesterday he even explained how he can also offer quick individual advice via text if we get stuck in the field in the future. I definitely plan to take more of Matt's courses in the future.