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Processing an image can be the difference between a snap and a work of art.

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That vivid green pop in the grass, that perfect sunset lighting on your subject, the clarity and texture of dramatic cloudy skies…these are just a few examples of those “perfect” elements seen in photography today. So many images you see scream of perfect timing, perfect light and clarity that never seems to be in front of our own camera lens. Aspirational photographs can seem impossible to comprehend how they were taken and often their craftsmanship is attributed to expensive and complex cameras out of our reach. What if I told you your photos had the same potential? A chef doesn’t just cook a meal, they plate it meticulously; likewise a photographer doesn’t just ‘capture’ a photo, they craft it into artwork, and that is what your Lightroom Image Editing Workshop is all about.

RAW images (click here to read about RAW) by nature lack contrast, sharpness, saturation and ‘pop’. All of the information is there, but it is up to you to make the right decisions to bring these elements to life! Your Adobe Lightroom image editing workshop is designed to guide you through these powerful tools in easy to understand examples using your own images to demonstrate how much potential they have!

Run in the evening in my Essendon classroom this Lightroom Image Editing Workshop is limited to a team of just 6 participants giving everyone plenty of time to have their questions answered. Together we explore the workflow and tools within Lightroom, applying the learning to your own images as a group on the big screen. My 10% effort for 90% outcome editing approach sees your photographs come to life in a matter of minutes rather than hours allowing you to transform your images from pictures to art without committing to days at a computer.

Following your workshop you will be invited to join the Matt Krumins Photography Course Collective Facebook group, giving you a safe and productive environment to continue your photography growth through both peer and instructor feedback.

This exclusive small-group workshop is your chance to revolutionise the way you see process and present your photographs.

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Introduction to Lightroom

Understand the Lightroom Workflow

Understanding histograms

Exporting & watermarking your images

Global adjustments to develop RAW photos

Cropping & spot removal techniques

Advanced Lightroom

Advanced organisation techniques

Panorama & HDR merging

Photoshop integration

Mastering radial & graduated filters

Customised outputs

Lightroom Image Editing Workshop time & location:
7pm-9pm at my classroom in Essendon

Lightroom Image Processing Workshop


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