A wide angle lens for the price of a Coffee

Wide Angle Coffee

I honestly love my camera, not just ‘like’ but love. The only real downside is that when I see a subject I want to capture, it can become a little bit of an obsession. I see the shot, I can visualise it but then looking through the viewfinder… it just simply won’t fit into shot.

You see, 24mm is wide but there are certainly situations where it just doesn’t cut it, especially in landscapes and seascapes. Panorama images are traditionally made up of multiple images panning left to right with a bit of overlap between them with your camera in landscape orientation. These are then stitched together in software to create long panoramic images. When you are in a tight bind though this can also be done using your camera in portrait orientation allowing you to capture much more height in your image. Doing this we utilise the full width of your lens vertically mimicking a hugely wider lens by taking 3-4 shots across (see example below).

Boundary Warp stretches the edges of a merged panorama so you don’t have to crop out any important details. Now you can preserve the look and feel of your entire image, even if your merged pano results in transparent edges. Adobe

So what does this have to do with a cup of coffee you ask? Well, like my camera I also love coffee, but for the same price as me sacrificing one of these golden cups of heaven per week I can afford to access Lightroom CC where the technology for stitching Panorama images has just changed the game.

Lightroom CC has introduced a feature call ‘Boundary Wrap’ which put simply, distorts the stitched image back into a perfect rectangle where traditionally we would have had to crop the stitched image (see example below).

So there you have it, who needs a wide angle lens when you can flip your camera 90 degrees and harness the power of stitching, all for a bank breaking ~$9.95 per month!

I should also add that this post is in no way sponsored by Adobe or anyone else for that matter, it’s just a very cool tool in some very useful software! See the Adobe Creative Cloud website for more info.

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Step 1: Shoot a number of images in portrait orientation. Import into Lightroom CC

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

Step 2: Select the images, right click and select, Photo Merge, Panorama

Step 3: Use the Boundary Warp tool to correct and reshape the images so you don’t lose the important bits!

Step 4: Notice that if we use traditional stitching we lose part of our image?

Step 5: Using Boundary Warp, we retain our entire image! As a bonus in Lightroom, if you are shooting RAW your image will be converted to a .DNG file which holds all of the RAW information still so you have full processing flexibility!

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