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Unlock Creativity, watch Home Alone

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Kevin McCallister wakes in the morning to find the house completely empty, “I made my family disappear” he whispers into the mirror before bursting into a half-joyous half-panicked rampage. Kevin from Home Alone faced a pretty tough challenge being left all alone to deal with a pretty huge problem for a kid and there is a lot we can learn …


Stop hoarding, you talented beast!

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I looked in the mirror and in front of my eyes appear the opening title from the TLC TV show “Hoarders – Buried Live”. I was turning into photography trailer trash and in the process losing some of my best photos beneath an ocean of digital files. On January 1st I took the plunge and bought a 20TB Raid drive …


Off-Camera Flash: Looney Tunes vs Finding Nemo

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So my big question today: what is the difference between the Looney Tunes and Finding Nemo? (Think more about the visuals than the plot). That’s right, Finding Nemo is three dimensional whereas Looney Tunes is flat, 2-D. What makes Finding Nemo 3D? Yeah sure, the animation process is different but the major factor in this is the lack of shadows …


Shoot black and white for more high-fives

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Have you ever woken up and gone out for a big day of photography only to feel like every shot was kind of boring? Maybe it was overcast with no ‘golden light’ or maybe it was crystal clear blue skies with very few clouds to create interest. In these situations many of us snap a couple of shots, shrug our …


Light metering modes: One simple question

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Firstly I’d like to apologise for the lack of tutorial last week, I was in the remote village of Tufi in Papua New Guinea with very little time and only satellite internet. During this stay though we had a few visitors one afternoon from a very swanky and exclusive cruise ship. As the sun started to set they raised their …


Fix a composition like you would eat an elephant

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We’ve all looked at a scene before knowing deep down inside that it has amazing potential but the task of capturing it in a single image can sometimes feel totally overwhelming. It is one of the most common feeling expressed by aspiring photographers, that the task at hand is just too big and scary to tackle leaving people to shy …

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Great Photos are like Great Books – They have a subject!

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Have you ever read a book that has pages and pages of intricate and detailed descriptions of the scene but just never feels like it really goes anywhere? I’ve read books before where after the first 10 pages of description about every detail of a room I started to wonder if there was any plot at all or if the …


Why shoot both JPEG & RAW? Laziness!

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In my world there are two distinct things we do with our cameras, we take snaps and we take photographs. A snap is a memory, a moment, something that is fleeting and means something to us personally but isn’t going to be blown up onto canvas and sent to the pool room. A photograph on the other hand is thoughtfully …

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Bokehlicious: Blurry Background Express!

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We’ve all seen those beautiful images where the subject is tack sharp and the background looks like a giant swirling pool of smooth, creamy, goodness. They make your subject pop right out off the page and direct your viewers’ attention straight to the subject without a second thought. Today is my monthly quick-tip; that is, not a full tutorial but …