Matt Krumins Photography

At Matt Krumins Photography I take the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously. To ensure everyones safety and comfort on workshops I have imposed the following:

  • Group sizes lowered to a maximum of 4 participants (group size of 5 including myself).
  • Hand Sanitiser available at all times
  • Workshops locations are modified to avoid crowded areas.
  • Participants are actively asked to social distance in our safety briefing at the start of our workshop with reminders during our workshop if I believe distances are being breached.
  • Participants who have even mild cold or flu symptoms are not to attend. To assist with this I have removed the requirement for 7 days notice to reschedule to ensure you are not penalised for making the right judgement call to not attend.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how I am handling these measures please contact me on 0402 812 805.



NiSi Circular Polarising Filters


  • Waterproof and Nano Coating
  • Ultra High Definition
  • Ultra Slim Frame
  • Eliminates Reflections and Glare
  • Greater Color and Tonal Saturation, reduces Haze in Landscapes

Polarising Filters stop reflections and glare from water, glass, foliage, blue skies and metallic surfaces. By rotating the front of there CPL filter, the area of reflection or glare can be targeted and removed allowing more colour and details in objects or surfaces that emit gale. Circular Polarising Filters act the same way your polarised sunglasses do, and just like your sunnies, these filters are most effective in bright day light.

Aluminium is lighter and more malleable which can be susceptible to bending or distortion with heavy use. This means you increase the risk of damaging the lens threads over time. Brass is much harder and more accurate giving you peace of mind that your lenses are safe. Titanium adds another level of protection as the metal is less likely to shrink and expand in varying weather, this is perfect for those adventuring in harsh conditions!