SIRUI 10 Stop Neutral Density Filter (58mm-82mm)

$59.00$85.00 inc GST

-Reduces the amount of light to capture movement
-Perfect for seascape and landscape photography
-Protects the lens from external influences
-High-quality German-produced B270 Schott glass
-Multicoated – 4-layer multi-coating
-Material: aluminium, glass



The SIRUI S-Pro Nano MC ND1000 (10 Stop) Neutral Density Filter is a Neutral Density Filter that reduces light by 10 stops. When shooting in the bright conditions, the 10 stop filter allows the shutter speed to be slowed creating brilliant smoothing effects in the scenes motion. A 10 stop filter as an example can turn a 1/30sec shot into a 30″ shot with the same exposure.