SIRUI 6 Stop Neutral Density Filter (58mm-82mm)

$49.00$69.00 inc GST

-Reduces the amount of light to capture movement
-Perfect for waterfalls and smoothing textured waves in seascapes
-Protects the lens from external influences
-High-quality German-produced B270 Schott glass
-Multicoated – 4-layer multi-coating
-Material: aluminium, glass



The SIRUI S-Pro Nano MC ND64 (6 Stop) Neutral Density Filter is a Neutral Density Filter that reduces light by 6 stops. When shooting in the bright conditions, the 6 stop filter allows the shutter speed to be slowed creating brilliant smoothing effects in the scenes motion. A 6 stop filter as an example can turn a 1/30sec into a 2 second shot with the same exposure.