It’s not your fault you look fat in photos…

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We all think we look fat in photos… we all blame the cheeseburger from the day before, the empty chip packet in our pocket, the doughnut that we treated ourselves to 6 months ago. What if I told you that it was actually the photographer? Or maybe I should say, it was actually the lens.

You see unfortunately many of us these days find ourselves being photographed on phones and tablets and other devices but what we don’t realise is that they are not doing you any favours in the chubby face department. These devices are equipped with relatively wide angle lenses (around 30mm equiv) which as I am about to show, can make us look at best a little bloated and at worst disfigured. This also holds true when using real cameras unless we use our zoom to achieve a more normal looking perspective.

To get the most natural looking portraits, we want to be using a lens that is at least 50mm (equivalent for a full frame camera). For micro 4/3 users, this means a focal length of 25mm or more, and for crop sensor dslr users this is a focal length of at least 35mm. The basic rule is this, the further you zoom your camera in (therefore standing further back to keep the same framing), the better people look (to an extent, as you can get the opposite effect at crazy zoom lengths!).

So next time you stretch your arm out for an iPhone selfie, remember, it’s not your fault you look fat in that photo.

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My face different focal lengths:

My ugly mug at 24mm

My chubby cheeks at 31mm (same as iphone)

My pretty portrait at 50mm

So whilst I can’t guarantee super model status with my advice I can certainly guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised when testing this technique out!


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