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Nov 16th Update:

Firstly just a huge thank-you to everyone who has done the right thing over the past difficult months and a massive thank you to those who have supported my  business through my online offerings. Private and most group workshop are resuming over Nov/Dec with group sizes increasing from max 4 in Nov to max 6 in Dec.

 Safety approach during last reopening (for reference):

  • Group sizes lowered to a maximum of 6 participants (group size of 7 including myself).
  • Hand Sanitiser available at all times
  • Workshops locations are modified to avoid crowded areas.
  • Participants are actively asked to social distance in our safety briefing at the start of our workshop with reminders during our workshop if I believe distances are being breached.
  • Participants who have even mild cold or flu symptoms are not to attend. To assist with this I have removed the requirement for 7 days notice to reschedule to ensure you are not penalised for making the right judgement call to not attend.
  • Masks need to be worn at all times in accordance with Victorian Government recommendations.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how I am handling these measures please contact me on 0402 812 805.

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Histograms probably sound like one fo the least sexy things we could talk about in photography but the reality is that they are the only way to take the guess-work out of your exposure. Join me in this online short-course and I guarantee you will change the way you shoot your images!

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"I've done the workshop and found it very informative. The workshop was easy to follow and there were a few what I call 'lightbulb' moments where things suddenly started to make sense."

Janet L

"If you’re like me and want to get the most out of your photos by post processing them you need to understand how to best capture them in the first place, a critical part of this is understanding how your cameras histogram works. This course covers everything you need to know!"

Andrew T

"Very informative, even as a novice I am constantly reminding myself to check the Histogram during photography sessions so that I don't get disappointed after I load the images up on Lightroom."

Billy C

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A good teacher doesn't just tell you the answers, they help you to truly understand, and that my friend is what this course is based on.

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I'm not into technical jargon but there are some little secrets that can truly change your photography and this is one of them!