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Histograms probably sound like one fo the least sexy things we could talk about in photography but the reality is that they are the only way to take the guess-work out of your exposure. Join me in this online short-course and I guarantee you will change the way you shoot your images!

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"I've done the workshop and found it very informative. The workshop was easy to follow and there were a few what I call 'lightbulb' moments where things suddenly started to make sense."

"If you’re like me and want to get the most out of your photos by post processing them you need to understand how to best capture them in the first place, a critical part of this is understanding how your cameras histogram works. This course covers everything you need to know!"

"Very informative, even as a novice I am constantly reminding myself to check the Histogram during photography sessions so that I don't get disappointed after I load the images up on Lightroom."

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Complexity be gone...

A good teacher doesn't just tell you the answers, they help you to truly understand, and that my friend is what this course is based on.

Friendly support

Struggling with the concept or need help? I'm not far away.. in fact, here's my phone number 0402 812 805!

Change your photography

I'm not into technical jargon but there are some little secrets that can truly change your photography and this is one of them!

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