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Do you have a specific skill you would like to work on? Or maybe you just prefer a completely personalised approach? My private photography workshops have you covered. I pride myself on simplifying complex photography concepts into easily digestible analogies & stories tailored to your learning style making sure you not only walk away understanding how to use the settings but why you are using them.

Whether you are just starting out in photography as a hobby or wanting to refine your photos through personalised coaching, my one-on-one courses are built specifically with your goals in mind and are undoubtedly the most effective way to accelerate your results and take your photography to the next level.


Whether you're starting out with a new kit, getting to know your old kit or have a brand new piece of gear to learn my sessions can cover it all!


Get started with your photography settings or hone in on an aspect of your shooting or editing and take your photography to the next level!


The best way to move forward with your shooting is to get good, honest and constructive feedback. Private sessions are perfect for this!


"Have now completed 7 workshops with Matt. Why do I keep coming back - well its simple, I feel I am a better photographer for wisdom that Matt gives in the huge variety of workshops. Just completed an Advanced Lightroom Online Workshop over 3X 2 hour sessions complete with access to in-depth tutorial sessions. Matt has such an entertaining and encouraging manner in the way he delivers all of his diverse workshops. His knowledge on so many different camera systems is mind - blowing. Access to all of the additional on-line tutorials; his own personal contact when I need individual assistance; and, participation in regular no cost webinars, are just added levels of support he provides. As a member of Matt's Mob, a Facebook Collective for all of his past participants, I get insight in others photography, a supportive membership of like minded people willing to provide constructive critique and support. I highly recommend Matt Krumins Photography to any one who wants to improve their photography."
Brian Sherwell
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Online sessions via Zoom and Face-to-Face in my Lilydale Studio!

1hr Online

Tutoring, Mentoring and Troubleshooting sessions
$ 129
inc GST
  • Get detailed feedback and critique on your images
  • Overcome specific hurdles
  • Master some of Lightroom's more complex tools
  • Run via Zoom with screen share

2hr Face-to-face

Perfect to start your photography or to hone in on particular topic!
$ 299
inc GST
  • Great for learning the basics
  • Great for personalised problem solving
  • Tailored to suit your needs
  • Run from my studio in Lilydale

3hr Face-to-face

Best for mastering more complicated topics or for those who like to take the pace a little bit slower.
$ 399
inc GST
  • Perfect for honing in on particular skills
  • Cover photography or Lightroom topics
  • Covering all genres of photography
  • Tailored to suit your needs
  • Run from my studio in Lilydale

Commercial / business Photography Workshops

Up-skill your team and bring your photography in-house
Pricing from $699 ex GST - Get in touch for a quote
  • Training on in-house product photography
  • Train Marketing and Communications teams for event photography
  • Bring your headshots in-house
  • Photography/videography training
  • Photography studio & equipment consultations


Improving your photography is rarely limited by the brand of camera you shoot with. I cover all brands, all models and guarantee that we can apply all learning back to your exact model.


My private workshops are 100% personalised to your needs so all skill levels and aspirations can be catered to. If there is something I CAN’T help you I absolutely know someone who can 🙂

Face to face workshops run Monday to Friday at either 9am or 1pm (approx) however online private session are far more flexible. Please get in touch to arrange a time and location that best suits.

This is a VERY commonly asked question and my answer is that everyone has different motivations to take a private lesson rather than a group course. Most of the time I believe that small group workshops are best for beginners as it gives you a little bit more time to process the learning and hear other people’s questions but if you’re unsure, give me a call and have a chat on 0402812805.


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