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October 2021 Update:

WE ARE BACK! Thanks for you patience everyone, we’re finally back and running again with the following covid-safe measures in place :) 

  • All participants will need to provide evidence that they are fully vaccinated or official evidence that they are exempt before the workshop commences.
  • Hand Sanitiser available at all times
  • Workshops locations are modified to avoid crowded areas.
  • Participants who have even mild cold or flu symptoms are not to attend. To assist with this I have removed the requirement for 7 days notice to reschedule to ensure you are not penalised for making the right judgement call to not attend.
  • If there is a requirement, mask are to be worn in accordance with Victorian Government recommendations
  • Contact tracing information is collected via workshop booking records

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how I am handling these measures please contact me on 0402 812 805.


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I know so many people who have purchased speedlights only to find they sit in the cupboard or bag collecting dust. I also hear a lot of people talking about being ‘natural light photographers’ and whilst natural light is absolutely beautiful, it doesn’t always do what we want it to do. Being a proficient photographer to me means knowing how to make the most of any situation, how to light a subject when the light isn’t perfect and how to achieve the lighting effects you envy on Instagram!

In this workshop my goal is to make you a master of your speedlight; to help you understand when you need to use it, when you need to move it off-camera and how to take control of the shape and intensity, balancing beautiful natural light with the fill of a Speedlight. 


Get to know ambient vs flash, soft vs hard, intensity and light behaviour.


Get to know when and how to get the most from your speed light on-camera.


Create stunning still-life images and understand the use of modifiers and reflectors.


Delivered online via Zoom over 4 weeks! 

A BIG topic broken into 4 chunks with homework
Recordings of each session available
Small groups to keep things personal
Includes zoo entry


All brands and models covered in this course but you will need a speedlight with off-camera trigger!  Not sure of the gear you need? Give me a call 0402812805.


WEEK 1 - On-Camera Flash
In week 1 we start with the basics. Get to know how light behaves and understand how to use your Speedlight on-camera using TTL. We explore on-camera modifiers and of course how to get the most from your gear in the simplest way.
WEEK 2 - Off-Camera Flash
Explore the endless possibilities of off-camera flash as we talk about light direction, modifiers and how to use our off-camera triggers.
WEEK 3 - Manual Flash & HSS
Kick it up a notch and bring together your knowledge from week 1 and 2 as we explore high speed sync on your Speedlight.
WEEK 4 - Troubleshooting
There is nothing worse that leaving a course with tons of knowledge but no feedback after you've taken things into your own hands. Our final week is a troubleshooting week where we assess issues that have cropped up and make sure you're all set to keep shooting with your Speedlight!


This course requires a camera with the ability to mount a Speedlight and trigger. You’ll also need a speedlight and radio trigger system to be able to fire the Speedlight off-camera. Modifiers are useful however I suggest waiting until our workshop before making purchasing decisions. 

If you have them, bring them. If you’re camera doesn’t have interchangeable lenses then your lens is already travelling with you :-)

Outside of your camera, speedlight, trigger and lenses you’ll be advised of a few items that will be useful going forward after the workshop however these are not essential.


You should have a good grasp of your cameras basic functions as well as experience using aperture and/or shutter priority mode. No Speedlight experience is necessary.

This workshop includes the 4 x 1hr Zoom sessions as well as access to the recordings of each session (for personal use only). In addition you will be provided with hard copy notes mailed out to you.


"Matt was very welcoming & his teaching methods were straightforward. I felt a little out of my depth going to the Speedlight class but all topics were very well explained & Matt offered fantastic "
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Refunds: Workshop bookings are non-refundable.

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