Matt Krumins Photography


Hey there!

Thanks for coming along to visit my little corner of the internet. I’ve been in photography now for over 15 years in all kinds of genres and environments, including landscape, wildlife, underwater, aerial, event, portrait, corporate, commercial and photojournalism and I am truly an open book with my knowledge.

My passion in photography lies in wildlife, underwater as well as anything nature based and I’m proud to say that in my career I was awarded an Olympus Underwater Ambassador role in 2016 and won the Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the year in Monochrome in 2022.

I believe that everyone has the ability to create beautiful images with the right advice and a focus on simplicity. My photography workshops put the focus on real learning rather than simply getting pretty pictures, they are about showing you a different way of seeing things and giving you practical tools to capture the world around you.

So you might be wondering why my workshops are getting such a good wrap?

Well, all of my photography workshops are small group environments where sharing knowledge and ideas is encouraged. I don’t take life too seriously and rather focus on fun analogies, stories and ideas that really gel with you rather than complex, forgettable tech-spec-speak. Whether you’re a beginner with your camera or an experienced enthusiast my photography workshops aim to simplify complex ideas and shift the focus away from the technical to the creative and it is evident in the reviews I receive.

To help you on your way, all of my workshops include access to our private Facebook support group where you can share your images, get feedback and grow alongside our group of dedicated and talented workshop participants. With over 2000 students and a 5 star rating my photography workshops truly do change the way you see your photography and the world around you.

So whether you are new to your camera, an experienced photographer or somewhere in-between, my photography workshops have something for everyone and can help you to turn ordinary pictures into extraordinary photographs!

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