Street Photography: Use your moral compass

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As many of you already know I have no qualms embarrassing myself in front of the camera. On a weekly basis I try and make myself look as ridiculous as possible to give you guys a laugh and make photography friendlier for everyone. Unfortunately, not everyone in the world feels the same about having their photo taken especially unexpectedly in …


Why shoot both JPEG & RAW? Laziness!

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In my world there are two distinct things we do with our cameras, we take snaps and we take photographs. A snap is a memory, a moment, something that is fleeting and means something to us personally but isn’t going to be blown up onto canvas and sent to the pool room. A photograph on the other hand is thoughtfully …

Setting Function Buttons Like a Spy

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When you ask a spy a question they simply know they shouldn’t answer they respond with “I can tell you, but I’ll have to kill you”. That’s kind of how I feel about assigning function buttons because if I’m totally honest, I feel that by giving you a list of assignments, I’ll be killing your creativity and probably causing more …

Manual Settings - Like getting a Tan

Manual Settings, as easy as getting a tan!

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I have a rather interesting mix of heritage in my family. My Mum’s side is Irish and my Dad’s side is a mix of Latvian and Russian. Let me tell you now, when it comes to their differences, there is one that stands out above the rest; they are total polar opposites when it comes to their ISO!…. wait what? …