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Marketing emails can chew on an old fart. This is exactly what is says on the tin; one email, once per week with 5 things in photography that I’ve found interesting, useful or mind blowing.

Do you need the f/2.8 version?

I’m a real stickler for ‘GIVE ME THE BEST!’ rather than ‘give me the practical’ and so I’ve always gravitated towards faster aperture lenses (especially primes 🤤). The real question though is ‘do you need the faster version or is f/4 just fine?’. This is especially true for wide angle lenses where you’re unlikely to

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Why I bought a 1 terabyte memory card

A few weeks back I talked about the new Angelbird 1TB memory card (it’s super crazy fast too by the way) and how it was a really tempting idea. At $780 AUD though I wasn’t totally sure it was worth it. What do I get for that money though? Speed that allows 30 frames per

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Lenses: My primary focus

Lately I’ve been building my kit of prime lenses and I’m absolutely loving it. Find out how I use my high res sensor to give me effectively 2 for the price of 1!

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